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Joomla is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) nowadays.It is developed on PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL which enables the creation of functional websites and web-applications of high quality in a short span of time.

The first version of Joomla was released in 2005 and then the number of Joomla fans is ever-growing. The websites of Harvard University, Citibank and other famous organizations have been built on the Joomla platform.

Joomla has a very flexible structure which gives us an opportunity to create all sorts of websites from the simplest to the most complex. With the help of this system its possible to create both simple personal webpage and big enterprise portal.

That's why Optimum specialists are using Joomla for creation of websites.

1.Joomla is an open source application, therefore it is being distributed in accordance with the GPL license agreement. That definitely makes the cost of website development lower for our clients.

2.Joomla is a cross platform system. It works with Linux, Solaris, WinNT and many others providing us the freedom of choice.

3.Joomla is constantly being updated and tested by community of developers and improved by professional programmers, who assure a high security level.

4.Joomla doesnt require a lot of space on computer. When Joomla is installed one can use the basic set of tools and add more whenever needed. That ensures not slowed down server and the processing speed of your website is rather high.

5.Joomla is expandable. There are many different plugins (both free and paid), including such important ones as security extensions, statistics, forum components and others. Besides, extensions can be modified and you can create your own ones. Thats why we can say there are almost no limitations in building a website with Joomla. It enables us to ensure adequate project development.

6.Joomla allows you to change easily the way of your website looks. Many templates (both free and paid) have been created to satisfy any taste.

7.Joomla is easy-to-use. When a website is developed with this CMS it allows the website owner to change the content himself without help of web-developers. So our clients have full control over their websites! The system is very user-friendly. There is an embedded visual editor and other tools that make using Joomla easy and comfortable.

8.Joomla uses UTF-8 international encoding. Thats why we can create interfaces in any language!

All the benefits listed above are just a small list of Joomla advantages which our clients discovered on their own experience. This product has proven to be very reliable and practical.

The specialists of Optimum have developed a great number of projects based on Joomla. We will suggest an appropriate solution in accordance with the level of project complexity so that your website will look exactly the way you intend it to be!

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